Nightmare of On-Site Marking !!

So, you're on site its been raining and its damp and cold you've lined up and measured "twice" now, you're ready to mark that piece of wet heavy wood. You grab that pencil from behind your ear and go in for the mark only to find you can't mark it at all, only a faint scratch which resembles a knock or a splint that's fallen off. You scramble around your pocket and find a nail and scrawl a rough line with a "that will do attitude" take it over to your bench saw and go to line up the mark, but wait, where is it?? You have only gone and rubbed your wet dirty hands over the roughly scrawled line and now looks like you never marked up anything and need to redo your work, ahhhh.

Well OX Tools have created a BRAND NEW Perfect tool for this occasion. Bringing you the stunning and fantastically created OX Tools Tough Marking Pencil

This has got to be the most understated item in the OX Tools range. It is a little pricy with prices between £10 - £15 depending on where you find them, but it is worth every penny when you actually look at the design and see how well it works.

The OX Tools Tough Marking Pencil item no: OX-P503201 is just exquisite not just in the design but the features and the fact that it can scribble on just about any surface, in fact we have asked our team of trade lads to let us know what they DO NOT write on, to date we have nothing back just positive feedback about it. 

Closer Look at the OX Tools Tough Marking Pencil

The pencil sits at around 160mm end to end and has 15mm wide body. There are 2 main parts to this marking pencil, The lid/cover and then the business end which almost resembles a stylish pen.

The Lid

Made from what I can only describe as a luxurious smooth velvet like plastic which feels very robust and solid, but not shocked as OX Tools do create some very high end quality tools. The lid not only acts as a cover for your marking pencil but also has 2 other abilities.

1: A clip which allows the user to wear it like a pouch/holster, so you have the marking pencil to hand whenever it's required

2: probably the smartest design I have come across, but it contains a tiny blade within the Lid to actually sharpen your pencil too. "MIND BLOWN".

No longer do you need to scramble around to find that sharpener or pull out your knife to roughly sharpen your pencil, which sadly has that broken lead so you never actually sharpen your pencil. "NO" just whistle and stick your lead right into that lid, twist a little and you are good to go!


Again, such a beautiful sleek design, fantastic to hold and feels pure quality. It has a great balance to it, not to big not to small just PERFECT. 

The pencil delivers the lead on a clicker system, so click click and the pencil lead comes out longer and longer, which make sit ideal for marking deep holes or hard to reach areas for other pencils. You can easily retract the lead when you are done too, just simply click down and push the lead back to desired length.

The pencil takes refillable leads which come in either a Pack of 10 Graphite Only Refill Lead or Pack of 10 Multi Colour & Graphite Leads. Both style leads are 2.8mm thick. The mix of colours at present are only Yellow & Red.

The only bit of criticism I could have for this product is that they need a pack of just coloured lead, as these are perfect we found for things like Stone, Concrete and Tarmac. The hi-viz colours just show off your markings so much better than the Graphite does. But sadly, to date, its only a mix pack you can get which consists of 3 Red, 3 Yellow and 4 Graphite per Pk.

All in all, this is an ideal companion for any trade lad or DIYer to be fair. I would love to hear what this pencil doesn't mark on. 

In the mean time we have this OX Tools Marking Pencil and the Refill leads all available in store at 

Click here for Just the Pencil

Click Here for the Coloured Leads

Click Here for the Graphite Leads hole markingMarking pencilOx pencil reviewsOx toolsOx tools pencilOx-p503201Work tools

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